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2, 3, 4 Jubilee Flower Festival – Church - 10.30am-4pm

4 Jubilee Fun at the Fields – bring your own picnic 4-10pm

5 Footpath Group – meet at Village Hall 2.30pm

7  Parish Council Meeting - Village Hall - 7.30pm followed by Planning Committee

16 Footpath Group - meet at Village Hall at 10am

19 Village Summer Fete – Playing Fields - 12.30-5pm


3 Footpath Group - meet at Village Hall at 2.30pm

5 Parish Council Meeting - Village Hall - 7.30pm followed by Planning Committee

18 Footpath Group - meet at Village Hall at 10am

20 History Society – outing to Yotes Court Vineyard and West Peckham Church tour

The long-awaited summer fete is on this month!
Sunday 19th June at the Playing Fields, Fields Lane, Wateringbury from 12.30pm to 5pm (on-site parking available).
Live music!  Not too serious dog show!  Flower and produce show!  Kids’ obstacle course!  BBQ!  Bouncy castle!  Face painting!  Beer tent!  Wine bar!  £150 raffle first prize!  Beat the goalie!  Coconut shy!  Teas and coffees!  Bring the family, bring some cash and enjoy a fun, local day out!
Kindly sponsored and supported by: KCC, Rostrum, Bodyfixnix20, River Medway Canoes, John Bennett Billiards, The Pawsome Parlour,
Diamond Kite Electrical, Tapestry (creative media production agency),
CIP Puppy Training, Nepicar Groundcare Ltd, Wateringbury Parish Council.
Any queries please contact:
Nicola Plane - Chair Wateringbury Fete Committee

The cover photo of Queen Elizabeth II with Admiral Sir Henry Moore, who lived in Wateringbury, was taken in December 1975 during the Queen’s visit to the Royal British Legion (RBL) village in Aylesford.

Cllr Patrick Gregson was re-elected as Chairman.
Crime report for April - burglaries in Redhouse Gardens and in Tonbridge Road as well as 3 assaults without injury and 2 cases of harassment were reported.
Playing Fields - it was suggested that a third trustee should be added to the board of The Wateringbury Sports and Recreational Association. Wateringbury Football Club (WFC) requested the creation of a secure storage area for goal posts at the back of the overflow car park. Of the 3 options suggested by the Club, Option 2 was selected.  It will require clearing the area behind the bushes and erecting a fence with a gate, enabling club members to carry the goal posts in and out without impact on the car parking. The PC will consider favourably the proposal as WFC is a large club and highly valued in the community.
Play equipment - Cllr Fielding had received a quote from Playdale for new playground equipment but is collecting quotes from other companies.
Traffic matters –the latest speed check showed no reduction in the numbers of cars speeding in the village. KCC Highways will carry out a speed survey before the work on traffic calming measures starts
Cemetery –the creation of a Jubilee Memorial Garden at the cemetery was discussed.  It will be centrally placed, measure 10m x10m, with rose bushes and two benches for reflection.  People will be able to scatter ashes and it might be possible to place small stones dedicated to individuals. The plans are not finalized and villagers’ suggestions and opinions will be taken into consideration.
Allotments - The water tap at the allotments is now working.
An increase in dog waste in the village was reported.
Graffiti in the bus stop will need further cleaning with a stronger solution and then treatment with anti-graffiti paint.
Village Warden – From 1st June, the Parish Council will have two village wardens on a job share basis.
Public Discussion - A member of the public, very disappointed with the planning approval and erection of the mobile telephone mast at the crossroads, proposed creating means to galvanize public opinion to resist any undesirable development, similar to the strong response to the proposal of the crossroads expansion.
A request was made to stop Saturday parking on the corner in Fields Lane and the neighbouring streets.
Planning – Councillors had no objections to the proposed first floor extension at 470 Red Hill
The Parish Council meeting followed by Planning Committee is on Tuesday, 7thJune at 7.30pm in the Upper Room of the Village Hall.
Approved minutes of these meeting will appear on the Parish Council website  in due course.
Please let us have your news and tributes by 17 June for our July/August double edition.  Entries are free. Email or phone 01622 812566

R I P Tessa Fyson  (1917 – 2022)
Tessa died (aged 95) on 23rd April – St George’s Day – a fitting day for an amazing lady who was a Rostrum distributor for her neighbours in Phoenix Drive and sang in the church choir for many years until failing health took her to a care home close to her daughter Joanna.   
Joanna would like to thank everyone for their kind sentiments and thoughtful cards and messages; it’s been a real support and comfort to read them, touched with amusement at some of the anecdotes.  She was certainly an amazing lady, with her boundless energy almost to the end, her community spirit, and her generous and kind treatment of all.
Her funeral will be on Monday 6th June, with a private service at the crematorium first, followed by a Service of Thanksgiving at St. John the Baptist and a wake at The Wateringbury, to both of which all are invited, and her family very much hope that many of her friends from Wateringbury will be able to attend.  It would be very helpful if Joanna could have an indication of numbers for both the service sheets and catering, so please contact her:  Joanna Tyson, email

Wateringbury Flower Club’s May meeting with the Chelsea Gold Medal winner, Trudi Easton, was such a special treat.  She delighted us with an evening of designs on the theme of her demonstration "Nature’s Pharmacy" for which she won the Best in Show and a Gold Medal at Chelsea last year. It truly was a magical evening and we got a small glimpse into the way that this installation was created with her team of helpers at this event. Trudi judged our first club competition for this year, and thankfully we had a fairly good turnout of designs from members, on the theme Nature’s Bounty. Thank you to all that took part.
We learnt about remedies and medicines that must have been used by our ancestors and some of the alchemy used in them was quite ingenious. Modern medicine must be based on a lot of the old ways!
In June the club have an outing to Goddard's Green Garden in Cranbrook, This is open to members and their friends, so get in touch if you want to come along! Our club is now back to meeting face to face in East Malling Institute Hall and we have re-established refreshments with members’ own cups to help with hygiene.
Many of our members are preparing for the Kent Area Garden Show at Detling.  Fingers crossed for all those entering.  We look forward to welcoming you. Jean Schofield, WFC

Wateringbury History Society invites you to its June talk by John Dear ‘From Waterloo to Wateringbury’ on Wednesday 15th June in Wateringbury Village Hall.  The talk starts at 8.10pm.  At 8pm we have our Annual General Meeting (and yes, we can complete all the business in 10 minutes!).  This is the time to renew membership or join the Society for the coming year which is good value at £15 for the year.  Visitors are always welcome at a cost of £5 per talk. 
The Society will also have a stall at the village fete on Sunday 19th June between 12.30-5pm at Wateringbury Playing Fields, Fields Lane.  There will be interesting items to see and the Society’s publications on sale at special Fete prices.
Our summer outing will be to a local venue this year.  On Wednesday 20th July we will have the opportunity to visit Yotes Court Vineyard, West Peckham for a tour and tasting at 2.30 pm.   At 11.30 am Canon Brian Stevenson will meet us at West Peckham Church to talk about the Church and filming The Larkins around the village.  Tickets will be available at our June meeting for either or both events.

Following one of the driest Springs that I can remember, our wildlife is desperate for water. Obviously, a pond is the best solution but not everyone can incorporate one into their garden. However, we can all help in some way, whether it be bespoke bird-baths or just a selection of shallow containers dotted around the garden, washed and topped up regularly. If you want to install something more permanent, a tub pond might be a possibility and it’s amazing how quickly the wildlife will find it. Place a suitable container somewhere out of full sun and put a few rocks and stones in it in such a way that any wildlife can crawl out and add a few pond plants if possible.
It’s not just birds that will benefit from an additional water supply but also small mammals. Our young hedgehogs are returning every night to take advantage of the food and water that we are supplying and this has never happened before as usually, once released, we never see them again! We think that this is because the ground is so dry their normal diet of slugs and worms is not available.
Our summer visitors of swifts, swallows and house martins are returning and they will also be seeking out water. Swallows and house martins need mud, which is in very short supply, to construct their nests, whilst swifts look for gaps in brickwork or under roofs. You can buy specially designed nest boxes for swifts which you attach to an outside wall. Swifts are the fastest flying bird at level height and can reach speeds of 69 mph. They eat, drink and even sleep whilst flying and come from as far as South Africa to spend their summers here.
I heard a cuckoo last week. I used to hear them regularly in Wateringbury, but haven’t done so for some years. I’m hoping that it’s a positive sign!  Pauline Knutton
WOMEN’S INSTITUTE – The WI Inspiring Women
The May meeting was the AGM. The National Federation (NFWI) Resolution for 2022 was discussed and voted on. Two members Trudy and Janet were welcomed to the committee and Diana was elected as President for another year and thanks given to them and other committee members. The afternoon concluded with a cream tea.
At our next meeting on June 9th we look forward to hearing a talk by Peter Batty on the history of East Malling Research Station.
Margaret Malsher

Our walks in May were along the footpaths towards the North Pole, giving us an opportunity to see the beautiful bluebells in the woods. April this year was very dry, so the footpaths all gave us easy walking conditions and we had fine weather. We found other spring flowers, including an Early Purple Orchid right by the footpath, pink hawthorn blossom and a field full of purple flowers that looked lovely but which we struggled to identify from the footpath. In contrast to these beautiful sights, we were sorry to see a very large and old tree had been blown over in Storm Eunice in February. Far worse, there was an epidemic of fly tipping which thankfully had been removed by our second walk, although a lot of broken glass was left on the ground.
In June our walks will be leaving the Village Hall on:
Sunday 5th at 2.30pm and
Thursday 16th June at 10am.
Everyone is welcome. You don’t need to let me know in advance if you’re coming, but if you haven’t been on a group walk with me, please feel free to contact me for more information.
Lisa Dean 077 5953 9032

A new kissing gate has been installed to replace the dangerously wobbly broken stile on the footpath along the river from Bow Bridge opposite the road entrance to the Ramblers Rest. It gives walking access from Bow Bridge towards Teston and Tutsham on the other side of the river from the station (The Medway Valley Walk).
There have been long-standing problems with the old stile. Many villagers (including Cllr Sarah Hudson) raised the issues with KCC’s Public Rights of Way team – some of us did so repeatedly.  It’s great that KCC has facilitated this problem being fixed so more of us can enjoy a safe walk on the public footpaths by the river and up Bow Hill this summer.
Lisa Dean

“Nights away or residential events, whether camping, hostelling, sleepovers or bivouacs, form an integral part of scouting, and are something that every young person should have the opportunity to take part in.” - UK Scouts
At Wateringbury Scout Group all the sections run regular nights away for their youth members from the youngest Beaver attending their very first sleepover at the Wateringbury HQ, to the more experienced Explorer Scouts attending an international camp. 
So far this year:
In March, 20 Beavers completed another nights away by doing a sleepover at the Wateringbury Scout Hut. Throughout the course of the sleepover they took part in a number of activities including camp fire, activity sheets, games, film and a lot of food. For some of the Beavers this was their first ever sleepover. They all did really well, earnt another ‘nights away’ and a special ‘sleepover’ badge.
The Cubs have had an awesome Lego Movie themed, two night pack holiday at the beginning of April in East Farleigh.  Upon their evening arrival they made a Lego figure selfie placemat which was laminated for them to use during the camp, followed by a game outside in the dark.  They then got themselves and their beds ready and snuggled down to watch the movie. The next day was filled with hunting Lego minifigures, making Lego chocolate cakes, a hike to a playground, making Lego facemasks, plenty of eating and washing and wiping up afterwards and finally a story at bedtime.  The last day dawned, like the previous day, bright and clear albeit very chilly and saw the Cubs buying a few souvenirs in the campsite shop before they prepared their pizza pitta pockets and cooked them on the fires they made.  After lunch the Cubs made Lego puppets out of yellow paper bags and played parachute games outside before the closing ceremony where badges and prizes were awarded.  They finally went home, tired but very happy havi ng completed their first camp.
Members of the Explorer Scout section have attended various nights away activities so far including a World Scout Jamboree selection weekend where they took part in various different activities and made friends along the way.  One lucky member was chosen to represent our district and has since been on a weekend pre-camp getting to know their fellow unit members.  Other Explorer Scouts have slept in the tents they carried, along with all their food, clothing and equipment, for their Duke of Edinburgh expeditions and I’m sure they are all looking forward to their summer camp on the Channel Islands.
In June the Group have their annual family camp booked.  This is when our youth members bring their family to camp and everyone joins in with the tasks to be done but also the adventures and activities.  I’ll not let on what’s planned for this year, suffice to say there may well be some jubilee activities, but in the past there’s been tobogganing, archery, zip lining, fishing, kayaking, rafting, air rifle shooting, axe throwing, caving, orienteering and zorbing.  Personally I love the campfires in the evening when everyone can enjoy the warmth and camaraderie of a roaring fire, plus a toasted marshmallow and possibly a song or two.  Bring it on!     

Nicola - Cub Scout Leader

On May 14th, Wateringbury F.C held our 4th Football Festival and the day was a fantastic success.
The first festival was back in 2017 (sadly we missed 2 years due to Covid) and was represented by just 4 playing age groups - The growth of the football club over the last 5 years has been so dramatic, that this year we hosted 10 age groups, playing 242 matches.
There were over 750 children taking part and a further estimated 1200 parents, families and friends supporting them. The roadworks did not help the traffic situation, but the parking marshals did brilliantly directing over 600 cars throughout the day, making it possibly the largest attended event in the village since the 2007 Tour de France celebrations?
For the first time we had girls competing and it was fantastic seeing the Wateringbury Swans lift the Under 8 Cup. Player of the Festival, Darcy Webb, scored an amazing 18 goals throughout the tournament!!! The Under 8 boys and Under 13 boys were also successful in their respective Plate finals, making it a very rewarding day for the ‘home’ sides.
The sun was shining and as well as the splendid football and smiley faces on show, the food hall, beer tent, ice cream vans and candy floss stall were kept busy from dawn to dusk. WFC would like to thank all of the volunteers who helped tremendously, making it a day the football club were very proud of.
Membership will soon be open for the 2022/23 season - if your child is interested in joining our fine club, please visit:   for information and contact details.

After a busy holiday club, we returned to pre-school to look at how our world was changing due to spring.  The children had nature walks across the field and painted blossom pictures when they returned to the setting. 
We celebrated St George’s day where the children dressed up as knights and princesses. We made crowns and swords and learnt why St George’s Day is important in the English calendar.
We had a visit from the police where they talked to the children about stranger danger and road safety.  Then they brought the police car round so the children could sit in their car and try on the police coats, hats, etc!  They even pressed the buttons for the sirens and lights!  We had fun!
The younger children also had a visit to the mobile library that stops outside Wateringbury Village Hall.  The children were shown by the librarian how he drove the mobile library around the villages in Kent.  The children had the opportunity to enjoy looking at the books before they walked back to pre school for lunch.

Communities across our county have long been peaceful, but in some parts, people are increasingly focused on policing. Over conversations I’ve had in past weeks, I know that we need better response times from Kent Police that can only come from more police officers.
To help fix this problem, I’m talking to Kent Police and the Police and Crime Commissioner, Matthew Scott, to find out what he’s doing to boost numbers. The government has already delivered an increase, and so has he, so that Kent police last year had 3,911 officers, up 800 from 2016. And they haven’t stopped there. Kent Police are recruiting more and more officers each day and are hoping to recruit hundreds over the next couple of years.
Tackling crime is something that affects us all and I am confident Matthew and the team at Kent Police are doing everything they can to keep us all safe, but they need to hear from us directly. That’s why I’m hosting a Public Meeting for people in the Edenbridge area so that everybody can hear, first-hand, from Kent Police about what is being done to tackle local crime. If you think we need something similar in your area, please let me know.
Types of crime vary enormously, and I am always pleased to see the Kent Police Rural Task force on hand to help those more remote communities within Tonbridge and Malling. They are doing their best to tackle issues such as fly-tipping which is such a blight on our countryside.
I know that they are always on the lookout for offenders but sometimes with rural crime it is difficult to get ahead of perpetrators. I know Kent Police are always grateful for any information that you may have and you can report non-urgent crime by calling 101.
I am always interested to hear your thoughts on crime in your local area so please do let me know what you think. While we all want greater security and safety in our local communities we must not forget the challenges that police officer face on a daily basis, they, and everybody in the force are working around the clock to protect us and I know I speak on behalf of everybody in thanking them for the work they do.
Tom Tugendhat MP
Office of Tom Tugendhat MP for Tonbridge and Malling
130 Vale Road
Kent TN9 1SP
Phone: 01732 441563

Our children have been enjoying outdoor play in our garden making the most of this warm weather.  We have also been reading ‘Spinderella’ by Julia Donaldson, a story about a spider who has a passion for football!  She tries to play a match with her brothers and sisters, but she doesn’t know how many spiders should be on each team.  Even worse, she can’t count the goals!  Luckily for Spinderella, her hairy godmother has a brilliant plan and helps Spinderella with her numbers.
We are very lucky to have such wonderful local schools around us, and once again it is a pleasure to invite the reception year teachers into our pre-school to meet the children who will be joining them in September.  A good transition into big school is so important to help our little ones settle quickly into this new environment.
To help with the transitioning into school we have some P.E. sessions arranged for this term.  It helps the school leavers become more independent by changing in and out of their P.E kits. 
To coincide with our topic, we will be welcoming our very own hungry caterpillars to enable the children to see them grow into beautiful butterflies before releasing them into our garden. I wonder what names the children will give them this year!
In our craft activities we will be celebrating Father’s Day, with the children making a Spinderella Father’s Day card.
If you are interested in joining our pre-school, please contact Tina Driver on 07805 796353 or email
We started back after Easter by honing our first aid skills with bandaging and learning what the person on the other end of our 999 call really needs to know to help us.  We then had some role plays where some were the patient, some were passing by, and some were the emergency operator.  Much fun was had by all. 
The following week we returned to basics, learning two specific knots that are used regularly for camps etc.  Having learned the knots, the girls made their own stretchers from rope, poles, coats (inside out with the sleeves pulled through to put the poles through!) blankets and anything else useful and then carried one of their patrols around the HQ. 
The specific knots had another purpose as the week after we went to Mote Park Water Sports Centre and spent an evening building rafts.  Five rafts were launched but one didn’t leave the jetty intact, another didn’t travel very far before sinking but the remaining three were very good and they got out into the lake.  Lots of fun and laughter and wet guides!  Most recently we’ve made hats for the forthcoming jubilee celebrations.
Our canal boat trip will be over sadly by the time you read this and, as I write this, we are in the final days of preparation.  The weather isn’t looking great for the weekend but more on our trip next month.
Are you an adult that would secretly like to join in with our fun?  We could take more girls if we have more leaders whether in uniform or just as a unit helper, so please do come and join the fun and have something valuable to add to your CV.  Please contact me on 01622 815416 or email to   
Sheena Stewart and team.   1st Wateringbury Guides   

The Rectory, 72 The Street, Mereworth  ME18 5NA   01622 813178

The Year of Jubilee
I was looking up the word ‘jubilee’ in the dictionary to see where the word comes from. I suspected it had something to do with joyful celebration but what surprised me completely was that it is ultimately derived from the Hebrew word ‘yobhel.’ That is the word used by the ancient Israelites/Hebrews for a ram’s horn.  I knew from the Old Testament that the Israelites were to observe every 50th year as a jubilee and part of the festivities involved blowing on rams’ horn trumpets. You can read about it for yourself in the Book of Leviticus chapter 25. It was a year of great celebration where slaves were to be released, agricultural land was to be left fallow and land that had been taken in lieu of a debt was to be returned to the owners. The observance of the Year of Jubilee was part of the laws and customs that God had instructed Moses to decree for the ancient Hebrew people once they’d come into full possession of the land God had promised them. The Israelites themselves were once slaves in Egypt, where they had no rest, no land of their own and where they were the property of their overlords. God rescued them from all that and the Year of Jubilee was one of the ways in which God’s deliverance of their ancestors and ongoing care for the nation were celebrated.
So it was that religion was at the very heart of the Israelite Nation’s sense of identity. And I suspect religion was more a part of the British people’s sense of identity back in 1952 than it is today. At her Majesty’s Coronation in Westminster Abbey on the 2nd of June 1953 the ceremony with its various elements of crowning, investiture and enthroning that go back to Anglo Saxon times was steeped in Christian belief, language, and practice. For example, in order to serve her people well Her Majesty was given a Bible as these words were spoken:
‘Our Gracious Queen: to keep your Majesty ever mindful of the Law and the Gospel of God as the Rule for the whole life and government of Christian Princes, we present you with this Book, the most valuable thing that this world affords. Here is Wisdom; This is the royal Law; These are the lively Oracles of God.’
The 5th of June 2022 marks for Her Majesty as Supreme Governor of the Church of England and for all Christians not only the Jubilee but also the day of Pentecost where some 2,000 years ago the newly enthroned King Jesus sent from heaven the gift of the Holy Spirit upon His people. And so, along with all the fantastic events that have been planned across our parishes I’ve added a service of Choral Evensong at Mereworth church at 17:00. All are welcome to attend and we shall celebrate the Jubilee in praise of God. I can’t promise any rams’ horns but the pipes of the church organ will certainly be blowing joyfully!

Rev Gary Townsend
Priest-in-Charge of Mereworth, Wateringbury and West Peckham

A chance for young families to join together in informal worship, lots of crafts, simple prayers and songs (Rev Gary often comes along with his guitar) and at the end of our time together we always enjoy afternoon tea.  Just come along to the church where you will be very welcome or contact Ruth for more details

Wednesdays  15th  and 29th June 10.30am – Noon  in church
Wednesday 1st June in garden of 24 Mill Lane
Do come along, a warm welcome awaits you.  Most just come along for the company so if you are not a knitter or crafter don’t let the name put you off.
Please note on Wednesday 1st June as flower arrangers will be busy creating the displays for the Jubilee Flower Festival taking place on 2nd, 3rd and 4th June the Crafters will be enjoying spending the morning in the delightful garden of member Sheena.

A big thank you for all who contributed in any way to the Church Plant Sale on 7th May.   At the time of going to press £480 has been raised to help with the day to day running of our lovely village church.  This is slightly down on last year’s total, partly due to it being earlier than normal.  Special thanks to Bijou Nursery for their generous donation of plants, to all ‘home growers’ for providing a good selection of plants, all who worked so hard on the day and of course to all customers.

For the first time an exhibition of art work by every pupil at Wateringbury Primary School will be on display in the church.  We hope to have a report about this in next month’s edition as, unfortunately, the magazine deadline was just too soon to include one this month.

SJB Church web site:
Church Face Book Page:
Friends of SJB Church web site

Sunday 5th  – 10am  Morning Praise with Barry Fisher and Bob Bowie

Saturday 11th  -  3-5pm  Messy Church (for young families) –
Bible Story, Action Songs, Prayer time, lots of crafts and
ending with afternoon tea.  All welcome

Sunday 12th  -  Holy Communion -  10am – with Rev Gary

Sunday 19th -  10am - All Age Worship

Sunday 26th  - 10am – Communion with Rev Gary

Sunday 5th June at 5pm – Benefice Choral Evensong in Mereworth Church to mark the Queen’s Jubilee
As part of the Nation’s celebration Mereworth Bells will be rung from 19.52 to 20.22

Each Sunday online Zoom Compline Service at 7pm
for the link email

Some Sundays at 5pm a  Benefice Youth Service is held in Mereworth Church.  Not just for youth but for those who enjoy informal worship.  Email Rev Gary for dates

Mondays at 7.30pm for about an hour   
Rev Gary Townsend invites you to join him for bible study.  To join please email for the link to the meeting.

IN OUR JOYS AND SORROWS – From the Parish Registers
Baptism – 24th April - Joan Olivia Wright
Wedding Blessing – 30th April
Mark Weber and Debbie Deadman
Funeral – 12th May - Karen Jane