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  MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our readers, advertisers, distributors and     contributors.  Thank you for all your support in 2017. Christine, Trudy and Ted 

3 School Christmas Fayre School 12-3pm
3 Footpaths Walk Car Park 2pm
 5 Parish Council Meeting followed by planning committee Village Hall 7.30pm
13 Coffee & Chat Church 10.30am
 14 WI Members’ Party Village Hall 2pm 20 History Society Social Evening Village Hall 7.30pm
26 7 mile walk Village Hall 10.30am

 1 Footpaths Woodland Walk Car Park 11am
 9 Parish Council Meeting followed by  planning committee Village Hall 7.30pm
 11 The Real Downton Abbey WI talk Village Hall 2pm
 17 Dickens and Gadds Hill (History Soc) Village Hall 7.40pm
Camelot, The Panto Village Hall  

Every Wednesday 
Coffee & Chat Church 10.30am  


Our next, eagerly awaited, production will be Camelot The Panto by Ben Crocker.   You are invited to come and join King Uther and his Knights as they try to help Prince Arthur win the hand of his true love Guinevere, while fighting the evil King of Tangled Wood (and his Mum).  Will the muddled medieval magic of Merlin overcome the evil schemes of Morgan Le Fay?  We hope you will join us to find out.  Performances take place on Friday 26 and Saturday 27 January 2018 at Wateringbury Village Hall.   All tickets are priced at £10, with a child concession of £5 on the Saturday Matinee only.   They go on sale on Saturday 16 December at both the Post Office and the Handy Stores.

 Many thanks for supporting our production of Sleeping Beauty last January.  As are result we were able to give £658 to Maidstone Homeless, £500 to St John The Baptist Church and a donation of £200 to Rape Crisis. email: wateringburyplayers@hotmail.co.uk

Please let us have your news and tributes by 17 January for our February magazine.  Entries are free

New arrival congratulations to Mark and Sara Graves and grandparents Nick and Lynne Graves on the arrival on 19 October of Rosy Louise.  

 Platinum Wedding Anniversary Greetings to Ted and Doreen Vincent who will celebrate 70 years of marriage on 7 January 2018.  This is also Ted’s 92nd  Birthday.


 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all residents.  We thank you all for your support in 2017 and hope that in 2018 many of you will come along to Parish Council meetings and be motivated to join us in gifting time to support local initiatives to enhance our village community.  Richard Tripp on behalf of all Parish Councillors  

We wish everyone a Joyous Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.  Thank you all for your support of the village church over the past year which is much appreciated.  Particular thanks to those who have so generously supported our appeal for funds to re-shingle the church tower.  Work is scheduled to start in April 2018.  We are very close now to the figure needed to complete the work.  If you feel able to make a donation this would be most welcome.  Every £1 donated helps us reach our target.   We hope many of you will be able to join us for one of our services this Christmas.  Peter Bond and Liz Gummer (Churchwardens) 

 Benny and Rual at The Handy Stores wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Over the holidays their revised opening times will be Christmas Eve 7am - 5pm,  Christmas Day Closed, Boxing Day 7am - 2pm,  27-30 Dec  6am - 8.30pm, 31 Dec and 1 Jan 7am - 2pm.       

Penny, Pat, Nathan, De, Cathy and Jenny at The Post Office send Season’s Greetings to all readers.  The last Posting Dates are 20 December for 2nd class post and 21 December for 1st class items.   


Acting Chairman, Michael Wells, thanked Mike Pursey for collating the role of honour for the Remembrance Day service. There is a vacancy on the parish council - for further information please contact clerk@wateringburypc.org.uk or call 01622 817068.

County Councillor Matthew Balfour
reported on the following items: -         
 Plans for improvements to the Wateringbury crossroads are slowly taking shape.  Consideration will need to be made to existing utilities and the space available for change.  Once designs have been produced they will be presented to the various committees and hopefully work will be carried out before summer 2018.          

Insufficient spaces in secondary schools in the area are becoming a problem.  This has arisen because of the way in which Central Government created and funded academies in the past.  There is an element of uncertainty about who will be responsible for funding schools in the future - either Central Government or County Councils.          

 Our local roads seem to be in good order and potholes have been filled.           

Winter service - road gritters have been tested in readiness for the winter.  Salt boxes have been filled and any requests for replenishment should be directed to the KCC.  Motorists can be prepared for icy road conditions by ensuring that the tread on tyres are within the recognised limit, anti-freeze is used and that drivers reduce travelling speeds.

 Borough Councillor Simon Jessel reported on the following items:           

He had attended three finance meetings and the budgets are crippling.          
A planning application had been made for 134 houses to be built at Kings Hill - all 3+ beds, ie no provision for affordable housing.  There are plans to build a new primary school in the area, but no consideration for secondary school places.  The Councillor felt that little allowance had been made for the increased infrastructure required that would go alongside these proposed dwellings.         

Central Government is pushing for more housing and there is genuine concern that if TMBC cannot meet its target on the Local 5 Year Plan, then construction companies may put forward their land holdings for development.

Crime Reports
taken from the Kent Police website for August 2017 showed 2 violent, 1 anti-social behaviour and 2 criminal damage arson crimes.  From e-watch there was a report of a break-in to outbuildings and of tools stolen from a van in Old Road.  Councillors have asked for more detailed reports in the future as the information currently supplied is somewhat vague.                                       

Car Park  Last month a positive meeting was held with TMBC regarding the car park by the village hall and this has raised many questions.  Further meetings need to be held with village hall representatives to discuss any possible changes of ownership and their implications.  TMBC will be asked for a ballpark figure regarding maintenance costs.  Eventually, proposals will be put forward to an open meeting.

Speedwatch Group report
:  during October 11 sessions were carried out. There were 284 observations of speeding vehicles which generated 36 letters sent to repeat offenders, of which 3 were hand delivered by police officers.  Seventeen letters sent to high end offenders (45+ mph in a 30 mph zone), of which 4 were hand delivered by police officers.  The observations also highlighted 3 vehicles being driven without Road Tax and/or MOT.

During the Public Discussion
session the following items were brought to the attention of the Council:           

 Michael Williams,
who has organised the group Friends of Wateringbury, advised that a number of signs had been cleaned on the major roads through the village.  Some signs are irreparably worn and he will prepare a list of these.  The finger signpost at the crossroads, although now well restored, is still missing some detail.  Alan Button was thanked for agreeing to replace a section of fence on Bow Road.  Thanks were extended to the Rostrum Amenity Fund for their support in providing fluorescent jackets for the Friends.            

Mike Witts
, former Chairman of the Fete Committee, advised that help is very much needed to formulate plans for next year's fete.  Due to various reasons, numbers on the committee have reduced considerably.  More volunteers  are needed to ensure the success of next year’s fete on Sunday 3 June  2018.  Records from previous years have been kept so there is a good foundation to build on - it needs people prepared to give their time and energy to this well-attended event.  If you are able to volunteer please call 01622 812027.

At the planning meeting the following applications were considered:   
Demolition of lean-to and erection of single storey side replacement extension at 159 Pizien Well Road.  Comment: as long as the Listed Building officer is satisfied the Parish Council has no objection Conversion of garage to annex including single storey rear extension Cobnar, 567 Red Hill.  Comment: no objection  Conversion of an existing garden studio/outbuilding into a proposed annex associated with a residential dwelling Manor Farm, 108 Old Road.  Comment: no objection

Next meeting
s   The public are very welcome to attend the next meetings of the Parish Council at 7.30pm in the village hall on Tuesdays 5 December and 9 January.  

December / January 1917/18
 3          Inconclusive end of Battle of Cambrai.
8          Hostilities on Eastern front are suspended.
9          Britain captures Jerusalem.
17         Armistice on Eastern front.

8          President Wilson’s “Fourteen Points” announced.
The winter of 1917/18, from late November (Battle of Cambrai) to mid-March (German Spring Offensive), passed without fatalities for the village.  But the toll to date was recognised by a service at the Church commemorating the 26 from Wateringbury School killed, and the following day by the unveiling of a temporary memorial at the school to the “fallen” and a list of 200 from the school serving in the armed forces.  By the time the permanent memorial was erected, in 1920, the list of those serving had slightly increased, but the numbers of “fallen” had substantially so.

During 1917 three themes on the home front in Wateringbury have been emphasised: food, savings and fear of attack from the air.  We still see all three themes at the close of the year. In December 1917, writing in the parish magazine, the vicar again emphasises the need for food economy and, in doing so, gives an insight into what the food situation in Wateringbury was like. There was no tinned food; tea, sugar, butter and margarine were in short supply; and there was a possibility that supplies of milk and meat might soon become short.  “Many people are only now …… beginning to feel the pinch.”  But attendance levels at the school canteen had fallen from over 100 during the summer, when mothers had been working in the fields, to about 40.  The national system of rationing was still mainly voluntary, but everyone in Wateringbury was asked to sign a pledge to stop all food waste.  Queues at shops were common, but the vicar does not say whether this is the situation in Wateringbury.

At school the War Savings Association purchased its 200th certificate, which was the opportunity for a little ceremony at the Girls School involving children, teachers, the vicar and his family. “In view of darkness and air-raids” the Church advanced the time of Evensong to 4 p.m.

Village events continued. The Wateringbury and District Cottage Gardeners’ Society had their annual show, the proceeds going to the Red Cross.  A collection was made across the village at Christmas Dinner tables for St. Dunstan’s “Blinded Soldiers’ Children Fund.”  A group of “young people” from the village put on plays with wounded soldiers from Barham Court V.A.D.(Voluntary Aid Detachment) hospital singing; proceeds also going to St. Dunstan’s. 

The Boy Scouts and Wolf Cubs gave three performances of a pantomime, Jack and the Beanstalk, with half the takings going to the V.A.D. hospital at Hale Place, Tovil. Elsie Blest (from a family still living in the village) of Broomscroft, Canon Lane, had nursed at Hale Place in 1914/15 before being transferred to Etaples in France.  For her nursing work there she was awarded, along with her friend, Miss Bunyard from Mereworth, the Royal Red Cross (2nd class) in the 1918 New Year’s Honours List.  
Terry Bird For more details see the web-site of Wateringbury Local History Society               . (https://www.sites.google.com/site/wateringburylocalhistory/).  


Our meeting on the 20 December will be a social evening, in the village hall, including nibbles, glass of wine and a quiz - which is just for fun.  All welcome, including visitors £3. Doors open at 7.30pm.

Our meeting on the 17 January 2018 will be a talk by Ann Carter on Charles Dickens and Gadds Hill. "Pocahontas - not the Disney version" was our talk on 18 October by an entertaining speaker Mr. Christoph Bull who informed us that her legacy has been to bring the old and the new world together.  She was only 21 when she died and is buried at St. Georges Church, Gravesend.  

Our speaker in November was Peter Ewart who delivered a comprehensive and informative talk on Life in the Victorian Workhouse.  We learnt that workhouses, or poor houses as they were sometimes known, came into existence simply to make sure that no one died as a result of being destitute.  Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist was one of the first novels, by a well know author, to incorporate a poor house within the narrative Happy Christmas and New Year to all our members and visitors, we look forward to seeing you at our next meetings.


I hope to see many of you on our next walks: 3 December, meet at the  Village Hall at 2pm for a local stroll.
On Boxing Day an opportunity to walk off your Christmas feasting with a 7 mile walk to St Michael’s old church leaving the Village Hall at 10:30am, bring a snack. 
New Year’s Day Monday 1 January meet at the Village Hall at 11am for a local woodland walk to bring in 2018.

Sunday 4 February
 Again meet at the Village Hall 2pm

There was a good turnout for the November walk, nice to see a few youngsters join us on the day.  From the start we went down to the river to walk the north bank to Teston Lock then over the recently repaired bridge to the lane on the right, where here instead of following the lane round to the old mill, we continued straight on to the Tickled Trout PH.  There, passing Smiths Hall, on to the bridleway to Hunt Street and Tutsham Farm returning through Waregrave’s Wood then along the river’s south bank back to the start.  A good walk slightly longer than the normal 3½ miles and one not done for a while.
 Kevin Reynolds (01622 813763   


At our meeting on 14 December we will be holding our ‘Christmas Afternoon Tea Party’, which is for members only.    The competition is a ‘small low Christmas Table Decoration to include Holly and Ivy’. 

Our first talk in 2018 on 11 January, is by Ian Porter, a very popular speaker, who is going to be telling us about the “Real Downton Abbey (what domestic service was really like)”

The competition is ‘An Old Kitchen Utensil’.  Visitors are very welcome, why not come along and join us for the afternoon.

Our talk in November was about the Royal British Legion Industries, given by two volunteers Dawn and Kate, and Kate’s  guide dog Phoenix.  We heard from Kate how the RBLI had helped her following a very bad cycling accident, which had left her with very little sight and unable to continue with her chosen career.  Dawn told us about the history of the RBLI which was established in 1919 to help soldiers returning from WWI and still continues today to support military veterans who are wounded, injured and sick.  The RBLI also use their skills and expertise to support people in the wider community with disabilities and health conditions and those who are struggling to find employment.  The site at Aylesford provides work-shops, accommodation for veterans and families and a nursing home.  


We are currently arranging our advertising for 2018.  All existing advertisers and those who have expressed an interest in advertising should have been contacted.  Anyone interested in advertising in our village magazine in 2018 who has not been contacted should get in touch with us as soon as possible at rostrum2@hotmail.com.     

 Maidstone Mencap Christmas Bazaar 
Saturday 2 December
Cobtree Hall, Maidstone ME15 8EB   Doors Open at 2pm
Santa & His Elves,  Tombola,  Cakes,  Face Painting Bumper Christmas Raffle,  Refreshments & Lots More! Come and start your Christmas with us!
Contact: Lesley 01622 892433    


How lucky we are to live in this friendly village.  First, I wish to thank the four teams of FOW who recently cleaned the road signs and the village road furniture.  Some of these are in such bad condition that they need replacing.  Secondly, I would like to thank the Rostrum Village Amenities Fund for paying for our high visibility waistcoats etc. at such short notice as monies are not available from the Parish Council for six months. M.W.   


The Fete Committee held its AGM on 4 November at the Village Hall.  Mike Witts, the retiring Chairman, thanked the Committee Members plus the many volunteers that have assisted him and his team over the last few years.  This year’s Fete was the most successful yet with over £1800 profit made
for the Fete Committee on the day.  This means that the Fete Committee is now self sufficient and will no longer require the financial support provided by the Parish Council with the running of previous Fetes.            

John Ibbs, the current Vice Chairman, took the opportunity to thank Mike for the incredible effort he had put in over the last 5 years in organising the Fete and for the superb way in which he organised the preparation for the day and on the day itself.  He will be sorely missed.  John also thanked Dennis Stones, who is also stepping down. Dennis has worked tirelessly with Mike and the rest of the Committee to make the Fete one of the best days in the Village calendar and his quiet, no nonsense, attitude to get things done will be hard to replicate.  Thank you to two true gents. Onwards and upwards! 

With Mike and Dennis stepping down the Committee are short on members so this is a plea to anybody who can spare a couple of hours a month from January through to the day of the next Fete, 3 June 2018, to help in the planning and running of the day.  If you are interested in helping please contact John Ibbs on  07909 155652.   Don't be shy, we do have fun along the way!!!

SNOW AT THE NORTH POLE Come and join our church choir in singing carols at the North Pole pub on Friday 1 December at 6.30pm.  To add to the festive feel – the Christmas lights will be switched on and there may even be snow!  The Dandelion Trust, a local charity in Farleigh, will receive any donations collected.   


We have had a number of visiting ringers to St John the Baptist church during the year but on Saturday 21 October it was our turn to have a day out. The four of us travelled to Colemans Hatch in East Sussex where we were joined by ringing friends from Leigh, Yalding and the Isle of Wight.  Colemans Hatch has 8 bells, which was a bit of a challenge to those of us only used to ringing 6 bells, as the methods are more complicated.  During the morning we rang at Hartfield (6 bells) and Fairwarp (8 Bells) before enjoying a “banging” lunch at The Foresters Arms in Fairwarp.  In the afternoon we rang at Newick and Danehill (both 6 bell towers).  All the towers were enjoyable to ring, the difference in the weight of each ring of bells made the ringing varied and interesting.  Our day out was a chance to experience handling other bells, see beautiful churches and enjoy the lovely Sussex countryside.
Anyone wishing to find out more about bellringing contact Sue on 01622 812262.    

Saturdays  13 Jan, 10 Feb, 10 March, 14 April and 19 May 
 9am to Noon  in  Teston Village Hall

If you are interested in sewing, knitting, crochet or embroidery do go along.  You can take along your sewing machine and be guided in using it.  Refreshments provided.  There is a minimal charge towards the hire of the hall.  Details from Valerie  01622 812948     


When people have been hurt by the actions of someone else or are in dispute over territory or principles or commodities, fear, anger, frustration, sadness can dominate their thoughts and affect their happiness.   Maidstone Mediation trains and equips volunteers to mediate conflicts and heal hurts in the community in Maidstone and Tonbridge and Malling.  We work with neighbours, with  families, people in the workplace, in schools and between strangers. Our next free training will be in January 2018.  If you would like to find out more please ring 01622 692843 or email maidstonemediation@gmail.com    


A new tradition kicked off our term with a hugely successful Bonfire Night arranged by our parent organisation (FOWPS).  Seven overstuffed Guys (each one made by a class) were pitched onto the monumental bonfire and the children and parents enjoyed hot snacks to ward off the night chill. November included a number of other special events including a moving Remembrance Day service and a Children in Need fundraising day which generated £260 for children and families facing difficult circumstances.

We also welcomed Mortgages for Business to an assembly.  This generous Kings Hill company has kindly sponsored an IT upgrade in school to the tune of £9,000.  We are immensely grateful for this sponsorship which means our central IT systems will be able to keep pace with the demands placed on it now and in the future.

We hope you’ll all join us for our ever-popular Christmas Fayre, which will be held on Sunday 3 December (12-3pm) and our traditional Carol Service at St John the Baptist church on 18 December (6pm).

Our long-awaited Ofsted inspection took place on 8/9 November and publication of the report is awaited.  The children, staff and governors of Wateringbury CE Primary School join me in wishing our community a happy and peaceful Christmas-time and may we all reach out to others to spread a little joy.  We return to school on Thursday, 4 January 2018. Chasey Crawford Usher – www.wateringbury.kent.sch.uk    


As we continue with our term theme ‘Autumn/Winter’, we will be busy making hedgehog bread rolls, clay candle holders and Christmas tree decorations to hang on our Preschool Christmas tree.  The children will enjoy decorating the tree (unsupervised!!) so parents beware they may like to decorate yours at home! We have started our phonics group this term for our older children to start preparing them for big school, while our younger children are enjoying the many clever finger activities we have put together to help develop their fine motor skills. We will finish our term with our ever so popular Christmas concert in the Wateringbury Village Hall on Wednesday 20 December for all our families and friends. Tina Driver  (07805 796353 website at www.testonandwateringburypreschool.co.uk   

 Messy Church is coming to Wateringbury!  
Our first session will be on SATURDAY 6 JANUARY in our church and is for families with young children up to 8 years of age. Come along with your children, bring gran and grandad!  We intend to meet once a month on the first Saturday in the month from 3pm to 5pm. 

 Each session will be light touch Christian teaching with lots of messy and not so messy activities.  There will be a chance to join in action songs, paint, make things, role play and more.  We will finish with tea.  (There is always food involved at Messy Church!)  If you would like more information please e-mail me on ruth.dunn33@btinternet.com or phone 01622 812342

The figures of Mary Joseph and the donkey have started their journey round the village.  If you would like to give them a home for a night please phone Gillian on 813076.

Big Christmas Card   Once again instead of sending individual cards to village friends you are invited to sign the big card in Church and make a donation for this year’s chosen charity the Mother and Child Appeal of Send a Cow which seeks to give training and support to rural families in Africa to raise their living standards while they remain on their family land.  The Government has agreed to match £ for £ all donations to this appeal.

Parish Act of Remembrance 2017  

The church was packed (345 people) on Sunday 12 November for our annual service and laying of wreaths and individual cross tributes at the War Memorial in the churchyard.  The service was taken by our lay-readers Barry Fisher and Alastair Byron.  There were 144 young people (mainly from our village uniformed organisations) who paraded with their colours along the Tonbridge Road to the service.   
Plans are already being made for November 2018 to mark the centenary of the end of WWI.   The coffee morning crafters have been busy for the past 2 years knitting and making poppies which will form a carpet down the main aisle of the church on the weekend of 3 and 4 November 2018. 

 ADVENT COURSE Looking for some quiet before Christmas?  Share in our 4-week Advent Course   'So what are you waiting for?   written by Rev Lucy Winket, Rector of St James,  Picadilly.  There are 2 opportunities each week, so do mix and match to suit your availability Mondays 7.45pm - 9pm   27 Nov, 4, 11 & 18 December Wednesdays  1 - 2pm      29 Nov, 6, 13 & 20 December


 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  The Coffee, Craft and Chatters have had an enjoyable year.  In January, by request, we met weekly to bring a little cheer into a dreary time of year.  It worked!  We have also had some outings: to Chatham Outlet Centre to bag some bargains; we enjoyed the beauty of nature on visits to Choir member Gill’s beautiful garden for afternoon tea and to the Himalayan Gardens nr Sevenoaks.  Some Crafters have been busy refreshing their talents for knitting, crochet, etc.  We had a stall at the village fete selling a variety of items.  We have also made tiny blankets and teddies for premature and still-born babies, hats for the homeless, “Fiddle blankets” for those with Dementia.  In September we held a Macmillan Coffee morning and raised £200. From voluntary donations made by members we will also be buying sleeping bags, socks and underwear for distribution to local homeless people. So don’t be shy - do come and join us at our fortnightly meetings for tea/coffee, homemade cake, conversation and optional handicrafts (but it’s mostly chat!).  We will be getting together in the church between 10.30 and noon on Wednesdays  13 December and 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31 January. For further details call Pauline on 01622 814673.

TWELTH NIGHT QUIZ  still only £1 The theme this year is Places in the UK From Jan and Mike Pursey  ( 01622 814324.  A family quiz to do with your Christmas Visitors.  Completed quiz sheets to be returned before 12th Night – 6 January.  Proceeds to church funds

Christmas Craft Bazaar Thank you to all who supported this year’s bazaar in so many ways.  The provisional total raised to help with the day-to-day running expenses of our church is £1,300.

PRIESTLY PONDERINGS                               
Rev Nick Williams father.nick@btinternet.com                                                                                  parishofficeemwt@gmail.com                                                                          
  Brothers and Sisters in Christ, the Christmas/New Year  edition  of Rostrum marks the beginning of what you could consider to be a season devoted to remembering and anticipating.        

At a personal level it’s one year since I was instituted as Vicar of East Malling, Wateringbury and Teston.  This has been an interesting year with many new and challenging experiences that have enabled me to reflect on the nature of ministry in a rural and semi-rural context.

One of the most interesting things that has come out of the year is the nature of the three villages in which I serve.  All three despite being so close to each other have their own distinct characters, expectations and ways of doing things - getting used to these and reflecting on them and their validity has been perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of my ministry here thus far.            

Reflection, remembrance and anticipation also characterise the last part of the Church year.  Right at the beginning of November I had the pleasure of seeing many of you at East Malling at the annual Benefice service on All Souls Day, the time when we remember all those whose funerals Fr. Derek and I have taken over the last year, together with all those who have died in the benefice in previous years.  Whilst the service is by its very nature a solemn time it was also time to remember what all those people meant to members of their families and to celebrate their memory.            

All Souls Day leads quickly on to the Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday, the time when we remember and reflect on all those who have lost their lives as a result of war.  There were services in each of the Churches in the benefice followed by acts of remembrance at each of the war memorials.  I feel these services are a vitally important part of the life of the villages in which we live, a time when we remember all those who died but particularly those who, before their death, lived in, and were part of the everyday village life.  Indeed many of the surnames we heard read out are the surnames of people who still live in our villages.           

 The Church season of Advent starts the beginning of December.  In Church terms it’s a time of preparation anticipation and remembrance.  A time when we spiritually prepare ourselves and anticipate and remember the coming of Jesus Christ into our world at Christmas.                       

Advent is also one of the busiest times in the Church calendar.  A season of Carol concerts, school events, Christingle and nativity services.  There will be services in all of the Churches in the benefice over this period and I would encourage you to keep an eye out for the details as they are published and I do hope you can make time to join us in our worship over this time.           

Lastly, as this is the last edition of your magazine before Christmas, it remains only for me to wish you a very joyous, blessed and happy Christmas and to assure you that I will continue to hold each and every one of you and the villages in which we all live in my daily prayers.      
            Yours in Christ  -  Rev Nick Williams

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 First Sunday
8.30am BCP Communion - East Malling
9.45am Family Service  – East Malling
 9.45am  Food  for Thought – Teston
  Eucharist  – Wateringbury 
Second Sunday

9.45am Eucharist – East Malling
9.45am Come & Praise  - Teston
10am   Wateringbury December   -   Christingle
January  -  Matins  

Third Sunday
8.30am  BCP  Communion – Wateringbury
 9.45am Eucharist – East Malling
9.45am  Communion - Teston
 10am Family Service – Wateringbury  

Fourth Sunday

8.30am BCP Communion – E Malling
 9.45am Morning Praise – East Malling
 9.45am  Come &  Praise  - Teston
 10am   Eucharist  – Wateringbury
6.30pm  Parish Communion – Teston (Jan) 

 Dec 31  - 10am   -  Benefice Service at East Malling with Canon Derek Carpenter  

Every Monday – 2-3pm – Scout & Guide HQ, Glebe Meadow – Toddler Praise  

Every Thursday  -  9am in East Malling Church – Holy  Communion  

Pilsdon Community, 27 Water Lane, West Malling - Rev Viv Ashworth invites you to the Barn Chapel to join members of the community for a Eucharist Service every Wednesday at noon and 6pm on Sundays 

 For Baptisms, weddings, funerals and other arrangements  please  contact  the Vicar Rev Nick Williams on 01732 843282 or email  father.nick@btinternet.com For all other enquiries, please contact the Administrator on 01622  815218 or email  parishofficeemwt@gmail.com

Sunday 10 December  -  10am  -  Christingle
Sunday 17 December  10am Family Service & Nativity Play

 Monday 18 December  -  6pm  -  Wateringbury School  Carol Service  -  Our school celebrate the Christmas Story
Thursday 21 December -  8pm - 9 Lessons and Carols

 A candlelit service with readings and well-known carols

Christmas Eve  -  Sunday 24 December

 10am            Holy Communion
5pm  Crib Service

11pm            Midnight Communion

Christmas Day  -  10am  -  Family Communion

Sunday 31 December  –  10am  –  Benefice Service at East Malling led by Canon Derek Carpenter  

SATURDAYS 6 JANUARY and 3 FEBRUARY  3-5pm  fun worship, crafts and tea for all the family.